1) Why won’t the Tablet power on?

  • The tablet may require charging. Plug the AC adapter into wall making sure the tablet has a proper connection and is charging.

  • Try Connecting the tablet to a computer using the USB cable and see if the tablet is charging. If the tablet is charging there may be a problem with the AC adapter.

2) How much time should I expect to get from a battery charge when streaming Netflix, Youtube or other video content from the Internet?

Your tablet is using WiFi to access video content that commands greater battery resources. Consequently, your tablet will generally drain the battery within 3-4 hours. 

3) Why am I getting less than 5-6 hours of battery life between charges?

Battery life between charges is dependent on many things that you have control over such as:

  • When convenient Power Off the tablet completely when not in use. While in Sleep mode the tablet battery is active and continues to drain slightly.
  • Close open applications that are not in use as they continue to run in the background and consume battery resources.
  • Graphically oriented games and video streaming on the web consume a great amount battery power to provide you with a better user experience. Because the battery is working harder and expending more energy, the tablet will feel warmer. This is normal and to be expected.
  • The brightness of the LCD display affects battery consumption. Try adjusting brightness control.

4) Why does my tablet freeze?

Similar to computers, cell phones, and laptops, tablets also freeze. Usually, freezing occurs from overloading the processor, running too many App’s at the same time, or using the tablet while updates take place in the background. If you notice the tablet acting sluggish, check the notification bar for any updates and downloads or other unused apps that are open.

5) Why won’t my Tablet play certain audio files?

The tablet plays most popular open, non-digital rights management (DRM) multimedia music formats. It also plays audio files purchased and downloaded from the Google Play store although content may have limitations with regard to playing and/or copying files to other devices. Check the Google Play store for details.

6) Why won’t my Tablet play certain video files?

Check that the video file you’re intending to play is in the correct size formatted in a popular and well recognized file type. Some files will need to be re-encoded into a compatible-formatted file to play on the tablet.

7) Do I need to let the battery drain before I recharge the Tablet?

No. However, it’s usually a good idea to charge the Tablet before it reaches 5% power. When the battery is low a warning message will prompt you to plug the Tablet into power.