The Home screen is where you will find your most frequently used applications. There are 5 separate screens total to add additional apps at your convenience; the main screen, and two to the right and left sides. 

Press the App Tray icon to launch all Apps found on the Tablet. Swipe your finger to the left or right to view additional Apps (if available). In order to move an App from the App Tray to one of the Home screens, touch and hold the app, then drag it to the desired screen. To remove, touch and hold the app, then drag it towards the “Remove” icon at the top of the screen and release. 

To create app folders for multiple apps at your fingertip, tap and drag an app onto another app until a black box appears and release.

Notification Bar



Notifications provide a means that alert you of new messages, updates to apps that are downloading, screenshots captured, etc. The Notification Bar is the black bar at the top of the screen.

To view notifications or quick access to Settings options, swipe your finger down from the top center edge of the bar to open pending alerts. When done, simply swipe back to close.

Bottom Navigation Bar Overview

  1. Back – Tap to go back to the previous screen.  

  2. Home – Tap to access the Home screen. 

  3. Open Apps – Tap to open a list of thumbnail images you have open. To view an open app, tap on it.  To close an app, swipe it left or right. NOTE: Closing open apps will avoid excessive battery drain.

  4. Screenshot – Tap to capture a screenshot of the current image on your tablet. Save and access it in your Gallery or share with others.  NOTE: To share or edit an image, swipe your finger down from the top left of the screen to select.

  5. Volume Down – Tap to decrease volume 

  6. Volume Up – Tap to increase volume.