Click on the Settings icon



In Settings, you can adjust and access various aspects of you tablet.  See the descriptions below for a detail of available settings:

Wireless & networks

  • Wi-Fi: Activate/Deactivate Wi-Fi.  Add or select a network from those available.  Refresh the networks (i.e., if you are in a new location.)
  • Data usage: Shows the amount of memory being used by all active Apps.  Also includes Network restrictions for limiting data access/usage.
  • Bluetooth: Activate/Deactivate Bluetooth.  Allows you to find and link with other Bluetooth devices such as speakers, earphones, or other computers.
  • More: Includes Airplane mode ( Airplane mode disables a device’s cellular radio, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth — the wireless transmission functions.), Tethering & portable hotspot, Ethernet and VPN.  Most users will not access these functions.


  • Display: Modify brightness level, change Wallpaper, activate the Daydream clock, change Font size, lock screen rotation and Cast to a nearby device.
  • Apps: Shows all Apps loaded to the tablet, and allows you to see their memory usage, clear data, Force Stop, allocate permissions (to Camera, Microphone, etc.), and change notifications from the App.
  • Battery: Shows battery usage details.
  • Memory: Shows processor memory usage details for the tablet and individual apps.
  • ScreenshotSetting: Allows control of screenshot delay, where the screenshot is stored on the tablet (ie. Internal Storage), and toggles screenshot button in the status bar.
  • Sound and notification: Allows the control of Sound/volume, alarms and notifications, including "Do not disturb" functions.
  • Storage and USB: Shows Internal Storage memory, including total and used space.
  • Battery saver: Shows various settings that assist in reducing battery drain, including Intelligent Sleep, power saver mode functions, and backlight brightness.
  • Users: Shows the user profiles of everyone authorized to use the tablet.


  • Location: Shows the history of the location of the tablet (when activated.)
  • Accounts: Shows the user's Email, Cloud drive or financial exchange accounts such as Exchange, OneDrive or Gmail.
  • Language and input: Change the tablet's output language, activate Spell checker, and select various Voice functions ike 'Ok Google' and hands-free (Bluetooth or wired headset) operation.
  • Security: Allows for the selection of a Screen locking method (None, Swipe, Pattern, PIN or Password), device administration, and credentials.
  • Google: Gives you access to many of the tablet's Google functions, including setup with email and other Google accounts, services, and Google Fit information.
  • Backup & reset: Select where to backup tablet data and initiate a Factory data reset.


  • Date & time: Automatically/Manually set the clock, select time zone, and time format (12 or 24-hour format.)
  • Printing: Allow Wi-Fi printing from your tablet (Additional App may be necessary.)
  • Accessibility: Activate services such as TalkBack, Switch Access or Blur.  Activate Captions, magnify gestures or modify text for easier viewing.  Also controls Speak functions, including Text-to-speech output.
  • About tablet: Initiate a System Update, see model number, legal information, Android version and other hardware/software information.