It is recommended to set up a Google Gmail account since most of your apps use Google services. We have selected a diverse group of Apps to help get you started. Many are located on the Home screens.  To access all other apps, tap on the App Tray icon.

NOTE: Apps included on your Tablet may vary from those discussed in this manual.  Some Apps require a fee while others can be downloaded for free.

Google Play Store™ – Over 1M Apps are available for download.

To access tap the Play Store App. Type in your email account and password.  To create a new account, tap New and follow the on-screen instructions. Afterwards, you can begin to download and install Apps.

ProPack™ – ProPack brings you popular productivity apps in one convenient suite that includes 10GB of free cloud storage from File Locker. In addition find premium apps from PrintHand, OfficeSuite, StartMeeting, and more.

Maxthon™ – Maxthon has created the world’s first cloud browser that connects all of your devices.  Share web content with friends. Download or receive all your content from the cloud.

Wild Tangent™ – Play 1000s of casual, enthusiast and family games!