Please read the following instructions and notices before using your tablet.

  1. Avoid using in extremely hot, cold, dusty, damp or wet environments.
  2. The tablet is not moisture/water-resistant. Avoid using the tablet around sources of water.
  3. Avoid dropping or forcibly placing the tablet onto a hard surface. This may damage the screen or internal electronic components.
  4. Do not use alcohol, thinner or benzene to clean the surface of the tablet.
  5. Use only cleaning products designed for computer tablet devices.
  6. Do not use the tablet while walking or driving.
  7. Excessive use of earphones at high volume may lead to hearing impairment.
  8. Limit earphone usage, and adjust the volume to a moderate level when doing so.
  9.  The images in this manual may vary slightly from the actual product.
  10. Charge the tablet battery under any of the following circumstances: 

    • Battery level icon indicates low power, by showing a drained, red battery icon.

    • Tablet powers-off automatically, continuing to do so even after restarting.

    • On-screen keys or display does not function properly.

  11.  Do not suddenly disconnect the tablet while formatting, uploading, or downloading data. This may lead to program errors (e.g., system or screen “freezing”.)
  12. Static discharge in the cable, while it is connected to a computer, may corrupt files or damage the memory and its content.
  13. Dismantling the tablet will void the manufacturer’s warranty. If you are experiencing problems, review the FAQ section of this manual.
  14. Tablet functions, hardware, software, and warranty information may be revised by the manufacturer or their respective owners, and subject to change without notice.
  15. Warning: This product may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.