The Settings section allows you to personalize and adjust many of the functions of the tablet. Popular adjustments are discussed below:

Wireless and Networks Menu


Displays available Wi-Fi signals and allows for establishing connectivity. To conserve tablet
battery power, switch Wi-Fito OFF when no longer browsing the web. 

Data usage

A convenient tool for viewing the amount of data transferred to/from the tablet.

Devices Menu


Adjust tablet volume controls for sound and notifications.


Adjust the Brightness, Auto-rotation, Sleep duration and Font size. Customize wallpaper backgrounds. Unless otherwise set, the tablet will go to sleep, and automatically lock, after a preset period of time. The tablet may be set to sleep after 15 seconds to 30 minutes of inactivity, or not at all. The screen lock is determined by the Screen Security setting. To conserve tablet battery power, set the display brightness and sleep functions at reasonable levels.


Displays the total amount of memory available in the tablet for data (ie: apps, photos.).


Displays the battery usage over time, the status of the internal battery, and battery level (percentage of a full charge)


Displays a list of apps that have been downloaded, are currently running, or are located on a separate device (such as a memory card). It displays the total amount of internal storage available.

Personal Menu

Location Access

Allows Google to determine your location using Wi-Fi, and to base any searches from that location.


The Tablet comes with several security methods for unlocking the tablet, encrypting data, and other security functions. You may set locks with a higher security level using this lock setting.  When screen security is active, the tablet locks after the Power button has been pressed, and the screen has gone to sleep. 

Language Access

Select preferences for spell checker, voice typing, text-to-speech, and keyboard type.

Accounts Menu


Google account information and privacy settings.

Add Accounts

View email accounts linked and accessible by the tablet, and synchronize features such as calendar and contacts. 

System Menu

Date & time

Adjust the date, time, time zone, 12 or 24 hour format and date format displayed on the tablet.


Enables features for more functional tablet usage including TalkBack, enlarged text, automatic screen rotation, the ability to speak passwords, touch and hold delays, and the installation of assistive web scripts.

About Tablet

Displays detailed information on the tablet, including system updates, status, legal, and Android software version number.