1. Camera: Built in 2.0MP front camera to take HD photos or videos. 

  2. Window: Press to return to Home/Start Menu.

  3. Power: Press and hold for 3 seconds to turn on the tablet.  Press momentarily to enter Sleep mode. This will turn off display and save battery life. Press and hold to turn off.

  4. Volume- / Volume +: Decrease or increase volume level for the built in speakers, headphones, or amplified external speakers.

  5. Headphone: Insert headphones for private listening or connect with amplified speakers.

  6. Micro USB Port: Connect to PC or external flash drives.

  7. Micro TF Memory Card Slot: The built-in storage card reader slot supports an optional MicroSD memory card for additional storage.

  8. Camera: Built in 2.0MP rear camera to take HD photos or 720p videos.

  9. Speakers: Built in audio speakers to hear music, podcasts, etc., without headphones.

1. Trackpad

2. QWERTY Keyboard

3. Standard USB Port

4. Tablet Connection

Connect the power adapter to a wall outlet, then to the tablet’s micro USB port as shown. A battery status indicator appears in the lower right corner in the lower right corner of the screen, so you can tap to view the current battery level and screen brightness.