1. Micro USB Power Port: Connect to power supply to recharge tablet; connect an external flash drive or other compatible device. 

  2. Front Camera: Built in 2.0MP front camera to take HD photos or videos. 

  3. Volume - / Volume +: Decrease or increase volume level for speakers or headphones. 

  4. Speakers: Built in audio speakers to listen to music, pod casts, etc., without headphones.

  5. Microphone: Built in microphone for personal voice recording.

  6. Power: Press and hold for 3 seconds to turn on the tablet.  Press momentarily to enter Sleep mode. This will turn off display and save battery life. Press and hold to turn off. 

  7. Rear Camera: Built in 5.0MP rear camera to take HD photos or videos.

  8. Headphone: Insert headphones for private listening or connect with amplified speakers.

  9. Micro TF Memory Card Slot: The built-in storage card reader slot supports an optional TF memory card for additional storage.

It is recommended to fully charge the tablet before first use. To charge the tablet, plug the 1) USB cable into the AC adapter, and 2) attach the other end to the micro USB input on the tablet. 3) Plug the AC adapter into a wall outlet.

If the tablet is on, the battery icon will pulse, showing that it is being charged.  It is fully charged when an icon of a full battery is displayed on the screen. 

The tablet will become warm while charging the battery, streaming video, or used while enclosed in a carrying case.  Battery life varies greatly depending on your internet use.