Calculator - A simple and convenient calculator.

Calendar - A robust calendar app that allow you to customize scheduling and reminders. When you configure to an existing Google account or create a new one the first time and open the Calendar app, it displays existing calendar events from that Google account.

Clock /Alarm - A standard clock/alarm that you can either set the time manually or, when connected to Wi-Fi, automatically updates to the correct local time (assuming the correct time zone has been set). Set an alarm by touching the Alarm icon. Select the time then tap OK.

File Manager - Allows for the management and access of data files, including music, video, and PDFs from internal storage, memory cards or externally connected storage.

Sound and Voice Recorders - Use the Sound and Voice Recorder apps to manage and store your recordings. They allow for the recording of sound and/ or voice narration, lecture meetings, note-taking, and concerts, directly into MP3 files using the internal microphone.