Opening Screen

The Opening screen with date and time is the first screen you encounter after turning on the Tablet. Slide your finger upward from the bottom edge to display the Lock screen. Sign in to access your account by typing in the password created during the initial set up, then proceed to the Start screen.

Creating a PIN

Instead of a password you may create a simple 4-digit PIN number. Slide your finger inward from the right edge to open the Action Center. Tap or click All Settings > Accounts > Sign-In Options. Under PIN tap Add, type in your current password, choose OK, then type in your new 4-digit PIN numbers.

Start Screen, Tiles and Apps

The Start menu screen is where you access everything on your tablet and search the web. It’s where you check emails, and open applications. Live tiles provide the latest news & weather, sporting events, and more. These colorful tiles also alert you with display notices including message alerts and announcements.

Traditional Desktop

When you attach the keyboard to the tablet change to Desktop mode. From the Start menu tap the Desktop tile.