1) How do I recharge the Bluetooth keyboard?

When battery power is running low, the power light will start flashing indicating that you need to recharge the keyboard.

  • Step 1: Attach the long USB cable (included with this keyboard) to the short transfer cable (included with the tablet).
  • Step 2: Connect the long USB cable to the keyboard’s USB port and the other end to the tablet.

NOTE: Tablet must be powered on to charge the keyboard (tablet power ON, keyboard power OFF). If battery level on the tablet is low, plug in AC power adapter to recharge. The instructions above with screenshot images are included in the KBT8 keyboard instruction sheet.

2) How do I connect the Bluetooth keyboard to the Tablet?

To connect the KBT8 Bluetooth keyboard to the tablet, follow these steps:

  1. Turn the keyboard power switch to the ON position. The power indicator light will stay on for about five seconds, and then the indicator light will turn off.
  2. Then press the “Connect” button, the Bluetooth indicator light will flash. The keyboard is now ready to connect to the tablet.
  3. On the tablet, from the Start screen, go to the “Settings” menu (click the icon), then select “PC and devices”.
  4. Select and set “Bluetooth”.
  5. The tablet computer will automatically search for the available
  6. Bluetooth keyboard device and show that it is “Ready to Pair” with the tablet. Select “Pair”.
  7. Use the keyboard to enter the password code as displayed on screen.
  8. The tablet will show “Connected” once the Bluetooth connection has been established.

NOTE: The instructions above with screenshot images are included in the KBT8 keyboard instruction sheet.

3) Why won’t my Tablet power on?

The tablet may need to be recharged. Insure that the AC adaptor is plugged-in correctly, and allow the tablet to charge.

4) I’m not hearing any sound in my headphones/earphones.

  • The volume may be set to “0”. Adjust the volume up and down buttons accordingly. Or you can press the volume icon located bottom right hand corner tray on the Desktop and adjust it.
  • Check the volume of the file you are attempting to play.
  • Confirm that the headphones/earphones are properly connected to the tablet headphone/earphone output jack.

5) I want to display/use a different language than the one shown.

Go the Charms menu, Settings, Control Panel, Clock, Language and Region. Change to the language you would prefer.

6) I am unable to download files from my external storage.

  • Make sure you have the proper cable connection between the tablet and external storage (such as a micro TF memory card, USB flash drive or USB hard drive).
  • When you plug in external storage, File Explorer will show a newly connected storage (just like a standard Windows PC) under the Devices and Drives section. Then you can view, copy, cut, paste, etc. files from that drive to other locations on the tablet. Here you can learn more about handling files and folders, see http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/files-folders-windows-explorer .

7) My Tablet will not play some audio files.

The tablet will play both open, non-digital rights management (DRM) music in standard formatted files as well as audio files that have been purchased and downloaded from the Windows Store. Content purchased and downloaded from the Windows Store may have limitations with regarding to playing and/or copying files to other devices. Check Windows Store for details.

8) My Tablet will not play some video files.

Check that the video file you’re intending to play is in the correct size and format. Some files will need to be re-encoded to be played on this tablet into a compatible-formatted file. Also, different video player programs (besides Windows Media Player) may play files while other player programs may not.Please contact Customer Service via email or phone and you will be given instructions on how to perform a factory reset. Note: a factory reset will delete all personal data.

9) I am unable to open a web page.

  • Check to ensure the tablet has a Wi-Fi connection.
  • It is possible the website that you tried to link to does not exist any longer or is under maintenance.
  • Try accessing another website(s) just to make sure that the first website that you tried to access was not down or inactive. You can also try accessing the website from another device such as a PC to see if the website is down.

10) I forgot my Windows password.

Refer the instructions provided by Microsoft on how to reset your password: see http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-live/account-reset-password-forgot-faq

11) I downloaded an App, but don’t see it on the home page.

Check the Desktop and then the App menu to see if the app was downloaded properly.

12) After downloading an App, it doesn’t open correctly.

The issue may be that the App is corrupt. For instance, while in the process of downloading the App, if you turned the power OFF while downloading, or if the downloaded App was a corrupted file, then your system may have become unstable. Try uninstalling the App and then reinstalling it.

13) Where can I get more Apps?

The Windows Store is an application store for this Windows 8 tablet. The Windows Store apps are certified for compatibility and content. Currently there are many thousands of apps available including Games, Entertainment, Books and Reference, Education and more.

14) How can I set up my Microsoft or other email?

Refer to this website to set up a Microsoft Outlook or other popular email account like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. See http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/setup-email-contacts-tutorial Commonly Asked Questions (Continued)

15) Can TMAX repair my Tablet if it breaks, or I drop it in water?

Please read the Warranty statement at the end of this instruction manual. If the damage is not covered by the NuVision warranty, you can contact Customer Service to learn about the options available to you.

16) Do I need to let the battery drain before I recharge the Tablet?

No. It’s usually a good idea to charge the Tablet before it reaches less than 10% power. A warning message will also prompt you to plug the Tablet into power in when the battery is low. The battery will deplete more quickly when you are performing processor-intensive activities like viewing high definition videos, keeping WiFi on and surfing the internet, running multiple Apps, etc. By comparison, activities like reading an eBook are less processor-intensive, and therefore, have less impact on battery power.

17) Can I use a stylus pen with the Tablet, and if so, what type can be used?

Yes. You can use most stylus pens which are designed for computer tablets.

18) Can I upgrade the processor or Windows operating system?

The processor is not upgradeable. Periodically, when WiFi connected to a browser, the tablet will inform to you of available Microsoft software updates which may provide some performance, feature enhancements, etc. as well as security updates.

19) What is the total space available for storage and RAM?

Your tablet comes with some Random Access Memory (RAM) for processing applications. It also has internal storage for programs, user files, etc. You can view RAM and internal storage from Charm menu, go to Settings, select PC Info. There it will display the amount of RAM installed. To find out the amount of internal storage available, go to the Desktop, open the Folder icon in the tray, and view the Windows (C:) drive. There it shows the amount of free storage of the total amount of storage.

20) Why can’t I connect my tablet to my internet?

If your tablet is unable to connect to the internet, please check the following:

  • Check and make sure your WI-FI setting on your tablet is ON
  • Verify you’re SSID and passwords are correct on your router. Typically, you only need to set this one time and then the Tablet will remember it in the future.
  • Check and make sure your Firewalls are not blocking your tablet to connect the Tablet.

21) If I have more questions, who can I call for technical support or to register my tablet?

Call Customer Service at (800) 890-1288. Hours: 8:30am to 5:30pm, PST Monday through Friday.

22) How can I connect my tablet to my big-screen TV?

Using a mini-HDMI to standard HDMI cable (not included), connect the mini-HDMI connector to the tablet and the standard HDMI cable connector to your high definition TV or monitor.

23) Do you offer accessories for this tablet?

We do not manufacture or offer any separately-sold accessories for this tablet. However, many tablet accessories are compatible with the tablet. Also, some of our tablet models include accessories like keyboards/cases. 

24) How can I update the Apps on the tablet?

Typically, Apps will inform the user when new updates are available to download. Many Apps can be set to automatically update. Check the Apps in the Settings menu for details.

25) How can I erase my browsing history?

From the Internet Explorer, make sure the Menu bar is showing, then go to the Tools menu, Delete Browsing History and select the appropriate checkboxes.

26) How can I remove apps and programs?

  • From the Start screen, swiped up on the tablet to get to the Apps screen. There you can select an App (single tap) and the bottom tray menu will pop up showing various options including Uninstall.
  • To remove programs that you have installed, Go to Settings, select Programs, then Programs and Features, then select the program that you wish to remove, select Uninstall.

27) How can I print out my documents, webpages, etc. from the Tablet?

Refer to the Microsoft instructions which explains how to connect to Windows 8 compatible printers: See http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/install-printer#install-printer=windows-8

28) How can I change the Date and Time?

Go to Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking Clock, Language, and Region, and then clicking Date and Time. There you can set date, time, time zone and add clocks for other regions too.